Politique américaine

Des différents points de vue: Conversations agréables entre Rick, Lisa et ses amis. En anglais.

It is mandatory that Americans start talking to one another in good faith about the policies and issues that divide us. I believe that at the very heart of all matters, we can understand one another, and we can determine good policies that we can all live with. We must learn to listen empathetically. To speak without condemning, blaming or shaming. To enter into discussions with the notion that we are all intelligent, sensitive, caring people, and that we all have the ability to change our minds, to learn something new, to see things differently, even if it is only temporary. Let this blog be a start. 

I'd like to try to uncover the "truth" as far as there is one, behind major American issues. Both sides blame the other for believing untruths. Let's do the research and see what we can find. I am here to be a neutral mediator.


Before adding your comments: Pledge that you are entering into this conversation with a kind heart toward everyone. We can feel when meanness breeds in our hearts. Have the conscious awareness to know that if and when you get too upset , to not post an angry message, to take a break, and a breath. You are, however, welcome to say, "I feel angry (or upset or sad or happy or hopeful) when I read this post because..." In this way we are not blaming or shaming. If my college students can do it, so can we.  Now, I welcome you to click on an issue below.  To contribute, please sign up or ask me to be invited below or at lisa@lisafeder.com